Back in 2009 I started BODYFIT out of the trunk of my car. I traveled all over Lexington with equipment. My car was loaded down; it nearly drug the ground it was so full! I was training clients as a Personal Trainer and taught classes at local parks. My passion for fitness and wanting to help people helped me create the concept of BODYFIT – fitness doesn’t always have to include a traditional gym or gym equipment, it should be fun and personalized.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved fitness. I didn’t take the traditional route of going to school knowing I wanted to own my own gym. I was there to play football and studied something totally unrelated to fitness, but I realized I loved waking up early to get to the gym and start my day that way. I loved working out with other people, too, and my buddies would want to tag along and that’s when I started with the idea of personal training.

Now, I wake up thinking about exercises and workouts that I want to put together. And some of you have told me “that’s sick, something is wrong with you.” HAHA! I love it! I truly do love it but not in the way that most of you think. You think I enjoy the torture (maybe I do a little…) but the truth is, I know that each one of us was made for more. We all have limiting beliefs that we put on ourselves. We all doubt ourselves but in reality we are capable of SO MUCH MORE! And I want to pull that out of you. It’s there. I know it is. 

In 2011 it was time to move to a physical location “The Workout Warehouse” off Leestown Road in Lexington. The space was rough but it did have heating and air…sort of. We definitely sweat our asses off in the summers…literally! That’s where the classes BURN and PUNCH came alive!  Class numbers grew and we were soon running out of room.
In 2013 it was time to go ALL IN. We found a 4200 sq ft space on Virginia Avenue right next to The University of Kentucky’s campus. We revamped our name, colors and logo. We added new classes and incorporated more fitness equipment. This is when we added our Tread & Shred class. Due to expenses, we were not able to fit up and utilize the entire space for the first year. We left the upstairs (approx 1200 sqft) unfinished until we were able to fit it up and bring back our BURN class. With this new space we now had 3 different rooms to hold classes and could overlap our schedule in order to meet the needs of our clients. We were also able to provide more variety for our clients to keep them engaged and prevent burnout.
The best part about this entire journey is hearing how what we’ve done has changed your life in a way that can’t be measured on a scale or by a clock or even with a mirror. I’ve heard stories of BODYFIT helping people overcome bouts depression…hitting those heavy bags has more meaning than we realize. I’ve heard stories of people “needing to workout” or “needing to get to BODYFIT” to help them get through a tough time in their lives. People have told me their stories about how we helped them get through a divorce. Or how coming to BODYFIT helped them get through and illnesses and even death in their family. I’ve heard stories about the BODYFIT family being there when they felt like no one else was. I’ve heard so many stories about how we helped people build their self confidence back. The list goes on and on.
I am extremely grateful to the clients and staff that have become family. BODYFIT has evolved and grown and that’s thanks to you.

BODYFIT Staff Over the Years: 

Jon Messick   Brock Jones   Katelynn Thomas   Brennen McNulty   Jeff Buckles

Kara Eppert    Cindy Parsons   Melissa Kleinsasser   Madeleine Alviar

Kaia Hampton-Messick   Venessa Triplett    Melanie Pleiss   Katie Porter

Michael Edelen    Mark Wright    Samantha Elliott 

Adam Grosskreutz   Saji Omran  Brooke Feltrop  Natalie Jones   Valeria Lopez

Blake Freemam   Nick Jones   Lora Boyadjieva     Hannah Meyer

Heather Omeltschenko    Madalyn Weifering     Lauren Colston

Kagen Butler    Rachel Porter   Mesa McNely    Danny Piceno    Kaylee Kroyer

Kimberly Rhinehart    Isobel Bishop

I have come to realize that my selfish desire to start a gym has turned into a burning passion for what I love to do and I now truly believe that this is my higher purpose in life – to serve others and help people. I believe that I am supposed to do this in many ways but the most obvious and current way is through BODYFIT. To help people create healthier, happier lives. To help them realize that they are made for more. Their bodies are capable of so much.

I’ve also realized that this does not just apply to the BODYFIT clients but also the staff and anyone we come in contact with. We want to help fitness and nutrition professionals have a career or even a side job that they love and not get burnt out like people in so many other professions. We want to help them get more satisfaction out of helping others.

Where are we headed?

It’s always been a part of the BODYFIT vision to provide the highest quality services possible. We have always embraced our desire to be different than most gyms or fitness studios. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they walk through our doors. We don’t have mirrors for a reason. We’re not your typical “bro” gym. Nothing wrong with those gyms but that is not us. We know that everyone is different and have different needs. We want to meet our clients where they are and help them become better versions of themselves. Not what society wants them to be. We want to provide them with all of the tools and resources that they need to be successful with their health and wellness. These wants and desires for our clients are deeply set within us and are a part of our core values.

Because of these deep desires and values, we have learned and evolved over the years. We have tried our best to seek out what our clients want and need. That’s why we have been and will be putting more emphasis on the importance of a balanced lifestyle when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

In the very near future, all BODYFIT members will have access to the BODYFIT Fitness App. Here they can track their classes, build workouts no matter if they’re at BODYFIT or not, track progress with body stats, fitness stats and so much MORE! They will also have access to a Personal Trainer and a Registered Dietitian whenever they need.
BODYFIT is Fitness, Nutrition, Community and I am so grateful to be a part of your fitness and wellness journey no matter where life takes you! 

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