Did you know that progress photos are one of the best ways to track your progress during a fitness or nutrition program?

Think about it. You see yourself in the mirror everyday. Maybe multiple times a day. It’s hard or you to notice changes in the mirror on a daily basis, unless you are tracking that over a period of time. Someone else, let’s say a friend that you haven’t seen in a couple months, they’ll be able to see more dramatic changes in your transformation. That’s why taking progress photos, before and after, are important. And let me tell you, the satisfaction that comes from seeing this progress through before and after pictures is HUGE! It’s a great feeling! The scale sucks and is not an accurate measurement of progress in your health and fitness journey, so we recommend using a variety of other measurements!

Here are some tips when taking Initial Progress Photos:

  1. Wear a bathing suit, shorts

  2. For men – no shirt

  3. For women – sports bra, bathing suit top

  4. Take a frontside, backside, and side view with arms extended poses

Follow-Up Progress Photos:

  1. Use same location as initial photos

  2. Use same clothes

  3. Use same poses

If you’re serious about seeing these dramatic results but don’t know where to start, check out our 90 Day Challenge Program. This program will kickstart your Fitness & Nutrition, giving you professional guidance along the way. It’s designed to fit any lifestyle, doesn’t require you to have a gym membership and can be done from anywhere. This is only for people open to change and willing to learn and be coached. We’re with you every step of the way!

If you like this post about Progress Photos and want other ways to track your progress, click here to read about Taking Body Measurements.

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