Mindset Is Everything. What’s Your’s?

As summer is approaching, so is the motivation to get in the gym and to work on overall health and fitness. What tends to happen, especially from personal experience, is that this mindset and these goals will usually last at most a week for some of us. It is hard to find an answer to this; maybe it is a busy job, the heat, low self-esteem, or you are just not feeling it anymore. However, I think the actual reason we lose our mindset is more simple than all of those: it is negativity. Negative thoughts are constantly running through our head. Therefore, when we are always telling ourselves “we can’t do something” or “I am not good enough,” we will never do it and the positive mindset is unreachable.

Visualization is key to seeing ourselves perform better and harder in the gym, eat healthier, or even be better friends or parents. Visualizing something puts an activity or goal as something that can be realistic and attainable. This is not just made up either, there is science behind it. According to Mel Robbins, a renowned motivational speaker, our reticular activating system in our brain plays a huge role in how we look at life. “It is a network of neurons that is a filter system that allows certain information in our brains and blocks out other information to come in,” she stated. So if you look at it this way, a negative mindset stems from and grows even more when the system points out and keeps pointing out evidence that supports a negative belief you may have. We have programmed our brains to look for negative information when it comes to certain things, it does not decide just to program us to be negative, we do that. But good news, we can actually reprogram our reticular activating system. Once you start actually visualizing how you might feel after a workout or how you may look, the brain will start to reprogram and spot opportunities and positive evidence that reinforces the idea that this one goal can be accomplished. Before this though, we do have to be realistic and know that those negative thoughts exist and need to be demolished. “We must begin to change our mindset and the first step to changing your mindset is recognizing your negative thoughts,” stated Jon Messick, owner of Bodyfit Lexington. Once this is accomplished, you can do anything.

Mel Robbins also points out that visualizing can help encode an experience as a real memory. When you visualize yourself reaching a goal, this gives you greater confidence and in fact can help you develop and improve those skills to reach it. Negativity should not be incorporated in any of that visualization whatsoever when it comes to mindset and goals. “What the mind believes, the body will achieve,” stated Messick, and he is absolutely correct. A healthy mind will grow a healthy body. Challenge yourself this summer by starting every morning visualizing what you want accomplished that day.

-Rachel Porter

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