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BODYFIT Express is a 20-60 minute, self guided workout that leaves no excuses for getting your sweat on today and everyday. We believe that it’s important to move your body everyday but we realize that some days, you just don’t have an hour or more to get your workout in. 

That’s why we created EXP.

With the BODYFIT App you can now get a quick 20 minute workout designed by a fitness professional no matter if you have a gym or not. Have more than 20 minutes? Perfect. Combo 1 or more of our EXP workouts to create a full body sweat session. With 1,000s of workout combinations, you can always keep it fresh and exciting.

At BODYFIT or In-Home. We offer at least 1 EXP time slot everyday at BODYFIT that work with your schedule. These sessions are set between our normal class schedule so you can easily add on an EXP session to the end of your BODYFIT class. Or come before to get a little extra work in.

Not a member? 

  • EXP classes at BODYFIT are only $5

  • Just want the BODYFIT APP to do EXP? Download and get started for $25/month


  • Full Unlimited Member at Bodyfit? You get access to the App and can attend EXP time slots at no additional cost.

  • AM/PM Unlimited Member? You attend EXP time slots at no additional cost and can subscribe to the App for $25/month for EXP workout programs.

Each workout takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Combo 2 or more workouts or double the workout to fit your schedule for the day. 

Don’t forget to warm up and recover with EXP Recovery Workouts. 

We’re excited to offer you more workout options than ever before!