Coming October 2019

We believe in Fast Paced, Intense, Sweaty Fitness Classes that are designed to challenge you to be the best version of yourself. That’s why we’re always going to push you to reach beyond your perceived limitations. Every BODYFIT class will be jam packed with Blood Pumping Cardio and full body resistance movements but now we’re taking your fitness to another level with


(fo·​cus) is a “split routine” that cycles weekly with ALL BODYFIT classes. An alternating split routine with a specific muscle group (fo·​cus) will ensure a balanced workout and proper recovery between sweat sessions. Don’t worry, we intend to work every part of your body but now each class will put an emphasis… a (fo·​cus) on Upper Body, Lower Body or Core.


Monday / Tuesday : Upper Body (fo·​cus)


Wednesday / Thursday : Lower Body (fo·​cus)

Friday / Saturday / Sunday : Core (fo·​cus)


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