Along with Progress Photos, Taking Body Measurements is a great way to track your progress when starting a Fitness or Nutrition program. Like we said in the Progress Photos Post – the scale sucks!


We see clients lose inches before the number on the scale moves, and for good reason! While burning body fat in our fitness programs, you’re going to build lean muscle. Muscle is more dense than body fat, so that’s why the number on the scale may not go the direction you’d think.

Where should I measure? 

  • Chest

  • Biceps: about 6 inches above elbow

  • Waist: right at your belly button level

  • Hips: feet together, around the widest area around hips 

  • Thighs: thickest part up close to around the lower part of your hip

  • Calves: thickest part of calf

Make sure you use the same measuring tape and have the same person measuring each time to eliminate as many errors as possible.

You can write your numbers down or track them in your Bodyfit Fitness App!

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